Desktop365 Appliance

A turnkey solution for Citrix desktop virtualization

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Perfect Architecture

Optimized for cost and performance

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Deploy Citrix in 60 minutes

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A company wants to implement new or upgrade existing

Citrix desktop virtualization environment

Citrix offers a market leading desktop virtualization technology. Businesses see significant value in ability to roam from device to device and freedom to get work done anywhere any time. The challenge is that this technology requires a lot of integrations making it complicated and costly to implement. To deploy Citrix desktop virtualization environment requires several weeks of work of a team of engineers and an experienced architect.

The Desktop365® Appliance replaces custom built IT systems with a standard product – a breakthrough in Information Technology! This solution has been optimized for cost and performance and incorporates the best practices of Citrix deployment for better user experience. Most importantly, standardization allows end to end automation of this IT system to the levels simply unachievable in case of custom implementations. Read more …

Desktop365® Appliance is a revolution in Business Computing!

Everyone is familiar with transformation Ford brought into the automotive industry with the Model T. By defining its own standard car, Ford was able to drive innovation in car design at a significantly higher pace. Standard design allows the assembly line that initially streamlined manual labor and later automated most of it.

Desktop365® Appliance is revolutionizing the IT industry by setting its own standard. The reference architecture is optimized for cost and performance. Most of the software deployment is automated and ongoing IT administration simplified. Business users can enjoy self-service capabilities. Read more …

Desktop365® Appliance is a turnkey IT system

Hyperconverged Systems quickly gained adoption on the market due to their significant value proposition of having compute, storage and virtualization in one integrated solution. There is no need to buy multiple different components and waste time integrating them together – it is already an integrated system. Users can focus on higher level activities such as provisioning infrastructure, installing and maintaining applications.

The Desktop365® Appliance takes convergence to the next level. It bundles together all components of an IT system in one integrated solution. The business benefits are immense! The whole system is diligently optimized for cost and performance, it has been proven in production with multiple customers, is stable and easier to maintain. Users have better experience and are enjoy simple to use self-service interface. Read more …

DX-100 is the smallest form factor appliance in virtual computing

The Desktop365® DX-100 series appliances are based on Intel NUC architecture.

Platform:   Intel® NUC Kit NUC5i5MYHE
CPU:           Intel® i5-5300U Dual Core 2.3GHz
RAM:          16GB
Drive:         240GB SSD
Network:   1 GbE LAN
USB:           Four USB 3.0

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The DX-100 is great for the following use cases:

  • Demos – this appliance can be well used for demonstration of Citrix desktop virtualization to customers
  • Proof of Concepts – this appliance can be deployed at a customer location in a matter of hours as a prototype of the future appliance implementation
  • Branch Office – this appliance can be deployed as local infrastructure in small offices and remote locations

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Desktop365® Appliance enables multiple industry solutions

Desktop365® Appliance provides extremely high IOPS performance that makes it a great fit for storage intensive workloads such as desktop virtualization and databases. Desktop365® Application Store complements cloud implementations with an intuitive self-service portal for business users.

Desktop365® Appliance is very cost efficient even in small size configurations starting with two nodes. This makes it a great fit to run a complete Small Business IT or provide all computing resources needed in a Branch Office. Read more …

Mission Statement


Our mission is to help IT teams enable their business with

best in class Information Technology.


Desktop365® offers businesses a true hybrid cloud platform with a freedom to run

applications locally in the datacenter or in the cloud. Desktop365® Appliance is

your private cloud with economics and ease of use of a public cloud.

Desktop365® Automation provides integrated Workspace and IT life-cycle

management that truly empowers business users.

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