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Cloud Desktops – On Demand

Insanely simple to use and manage

Secure By Design Including HIPAA, PCI and More

Scale Across 50+ Azure Regions Worldwide

The last few weeks have brought about unprecedented and simply incredible challenges for businesses in just about every industry. Businesses are contending with closures, suddenly facing the challenges of moving employees to work remotely, security and safety (both physical and cyber), and in many cases, even changing the entire business model in order to survive. We are in a time when agility can make or break a fragile situation.


Desktop 365 is ready to help. Our ready-to-go cloud infrastructure, powered by Microsoft Azure, provides a highly scalable, fully compliant and secured solution, to deliver virtual desktops to your employees today.  Desktop 365 is designed to include the latest technologies from Microsoft, with the latest automation tools for rapid deployment, administration, and life cycle management of your entire IT environment on a simple per/user, per/month basis!


Desktop 365 has your IT needs covered so you can get back to focusing on your business, your employees, and staying safe. We can answer all of your questions, formulate a rapid onboarding strategy, and quickly get your employees and company on track. Get started now!

Desktop 365™ features

Virtual Desktops

Access your desktop from any location or device.

Cloud Computing

Support ranging from Saas to client/server applications.

Secure & Reliable

Highly secure cloud foundation managed by Microsoft.

54+ Azure Regions

Azure has more global regions than any  other cloud provider.

Backup & Recovery

All your information is kept safe with backup services.

Pay-as-you-go Model

Includes hardware, software & services all bundled together.

Learn how Desktop 365  can help you work safe and efficiently from home.