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Our Mission

When it comes to services & support, Desktop 365™ leads the industry. Just imagine having a team of top talent including Microsoft certified engineers, IT specialists, consultants, and professional CIO’s managing IT vs the break-fix PC technician most practices end up trying to work with. With the complexity of modern-day computing, businesses need talented experts with a pro-active mentality.

Our vision is to revolutionize business computing for our clients and that’s exactly what we’ve done. With over 18 years in business, we have been a trusted partner and technology vendor for dozens of clients large and small and across all industry verticals.


One of our greatest differentiates is that we constantly focus on innovation to bring powerful new technologies to customers.  If there is a way to do something better, faster, or more cost-effectively – we are your team of experts to make it happen.

why choose Desktop 365™

Desktop 365™ brings together the ability to manage services & business processes such as adding and removing users, assigning applications, setting access or permissions, moving users, and managing licenses. It also offers IT lifecycle activities such as deployment, configuration, support, image management, upgrades, monitoring, and more. Desktop 365™ enables IT as a service by streamlining and automating all key areas of business and technology operations with a focus on enabling end users to access enterprise-grade virtual desktops.