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Updated: May 16, 2021

Small Business It Outsourcing

Desktop 365™  allows you to outsource your IT functions to a team of experts. From managing email hosting, network administration, storage, network design, cybersecurity and more, the all-inclusive approach of Desktop 365™  can maintain and manage all business computing needs for your company.

It means that you can focus on your core competences and business goals without having to worry about your IT infrastructure.

Here are the benefits of choosing Desktop 365™ for your small business.

Eliminating Costly Infrastructure and Extra Staff:

Desktop 365™  helps you save money and time spent on expensive IT servers, infrastructure and new hiring. Our Cloud Desktops enable you to shift all of this cost into a simple pay-as-you-go subscription that can scale at the pace of your business. Similarly, eliminate the need for costly IT staff by leveraging a full range of day 2 services that can help you with everything from business strategy to help desk. Desktop 365 will handle your entire IT operation at a fraction of the cost of traditional hiring, enabling you to focus more on growth areas for your business.

Simply put, transitioning to Desktop 365™  translates into improved productivity, profit and scalability for your business.

Reducing Downtime and IT Issues:

Let’s face it, IT is painful to maintain and manage. Issues ranging from slow systems, network problems, security breaches, hardware failure and software issues tend to burn through budgets and result in a tremendous negative impact on a company.

Our Day 1 services help you achieve your use cases while fixing these issues and in many cases, even detecting issues before they even become an issue. Desktop 365™ hybrid edition can extend the cloud on-premise and help streamline all you on-premise IT.

Let Desktop 365™ Services take care of all the complexities of IT while enabling you to focus on your core line of business.

Securing Your Network:

Cyber security is quickly becoming the biggest threat on the planet. The number of threats daily is increasing at an astonishing velocity leaving many small businesses more vulnerable than ever. Desktop 365™ cloud desktops are designed with state-of-the-art security built for global enterprises, affordable for small businesses IT outsourcing.

Our artificial intelligence-powered security platform can take on some of the biggest threats emerging helping to keep your employees and businesses safe. While many businesses are leveraging web-based applications, they tend to use browsers on PC’s. This is a very dangerous move as the browser is a major exposure point for the entire network. Especially with risk of users sharing browsers. Cloud Desktops enable a layer of personal protective equipment (PPE) in a sense to your users when accessing online services.

Desktop 365™ provides optional monitoring, alerting, assessing, consulting, and audits.

Providing Customized Services:

Desktop 365™ is totally flexible and tailored according to your specific needs. It means that you can scale up or down IT services as per your business growth and integrate various technologies to support various jobs and performance requirements. We also have a variety of solutions with basic elements pre-designed for various industries including Healthcare, Legal, Manufacturing, Education, Veterinary and more.

Cost Savings

Generally, many studies show that a healthy company should spend on average 1-3% of gross revenue on technology services to maintain a modern IT infrastructure that delivers value. Desktop 365™ saves money in many ways by enabling flexible IT service options. For example, you can subscribe month to month, 1yr and 3yr terms with significant savings. Ability to scale up or down on a simple per/user per/month basis.

Desktop 365™  enables you to transition from CAPEX to OPEX and break down your costs into fixed monthly subscription.

Microsoft Integration

Desktop 365™ cloud desktops are built on the incredible power Microsoft Azure. Available in 50+ regions, instantly scale your business while leveraging modern technology and the world’s biggest cloud. Bring your Office365 and layer it on top of Desktop 365™  for best in class experience, cost savings, and services. Office 365 + Desktop 365™  better together and combined with our unified management interface, we enable simplified administration and management of your entire infrastructure.

These and other striking benefits of Desktop 365™  can help you save money, scale the business, enable employees to safely work remotely, improve the value, and lead with security.

Desktop 365™  starts with Cloud Desktops, expands to full managed services, and provides ongoing support, guidance and flexibility to help you thrive.

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